Adrian Glynn McMorran Discusses Being in a Time Bending Thriller for Volition [Exclusive Interview]

[caption id="attachment_161133" align="alignnone" width="1136"] Adrian Glynn McMorran in Volition[/caption] Time travel is a tricky business. Being able to time travel with your mind is a definite feat. In a feature directorial debut for Tony Dean

Bella Heathcote and Emily Mortimer Talk About The Fears of Aging and Dying Loved Ones in Horror Film Relic

[caption id="attachment_161129" align="alignnone" width="975"] Bella Heathcote, Emily Mortimer, and Nevin in Relic[/caption] Relic is a different type of horror movie that we don’t see every day. The film seemingly has a portrayal of a horrific

Wolfman Reboot Starring Ryan Gosling To Lock Down The Invisible Man Director

The Wolfman reboot will have a steady hand at the wheel. Well, whaddya know? After the mammoth train wreck that was The Mummy, Universal had to take a step back to rethink their Dark Universe. Namely,

Dune Is Getting A New Trilogy

Dune is a franchise that has been around for well over five decades. It’s something that author Frank Herbert put many years of his own life into. He churned out six books of his own

Colton Ryan and Sean Teale Talk About Working on Apple TV+’s Little Voice [Exclusive Interview]

[caption id="attachment_161124" align="alignnone" width="800"] Colton Ryan and Sean Teale in Apple TV+'s Little Voice[/caption] Life in New York City is hard for the younger generation. It’s even harder as an artist trying to be someone

Stormlight Archive 4: Rhythm Of War Has Only 250 Pages Of Editing Left

Stormlight Archive 4: Rhythm of War is nearing the end. Another day, another Stormlight Archive update. We are fast approaching the day when we can hold the next thousand-page tome from Brandon Sanderson. And what

The Beach House Review: Body Horror Slow Burner Is A Showcase For Liana Liberato

Liana Liberato stars in the indie horror shocker The Beach House, a new film debuting this week on the streaming service Shudder. The actress is having a bit of a banner year already, having had

NFC Breaks Down Watchmen Episode 3: She Was Killed By Space Junk

The third episode of Watchmen focuses primarily on Laurie Blake, aka Silk Spectre. Her character provides a link from the original comic to the HBO series. This episodes establishes her as a formidable character and

New His Dark Materials Novella Hitting From Author Philip Pullman This November

His Dark Materials is getting a new novella. It’s been a great few years to be a His Dark Materials fan. Back in 2017, Philip Pullman released La Belle Sauvage, the first volume in His Dark

Netflix Cancels The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

The Chilling Adventures of Sabria has been canceled at Netflix. Yesterday, the streaming service announced that the Archie-verse supernatural horror web television series will end after they release part four according to The Hollywood Reporter.