Tom Hanks reportedly In Talks To Play Geppetto In Live-Action Pinocchio

Actor Tom Hanks is approaching Hollywood legend status, if he not be there already. Hanks has starred in some of cinema's most memorable films as some of the most beloved characters of all-time. Including Forrest

Harry Potter Films Moving To Peacock

With a large array of streaming services from so many studios, it's inevitable that there will be shifting of content. The simplest answer as to why it happens is because usually the contracts that give

Analysts Fear AMC/NBCUniversal Deal Will Hurt The Theater Industry

Is the movie theater industry in trouble? We currently live in a world where things seem to change almost daily. Some places are deemed worthy of opening up while others are pressured to close down.

Cowboy Bebop Production Restart Nears As Actors Enter Quarantine

Cowboy Bebop is entering production soon. Every production has its troubles, but Cowboy Bebop has seemingly been a bit more unlucky than most. Early on in its production, they had to shut things down due

DC FanDome Gets Fans Riled Up With New Video Teaser: What Can We Expect?

DC FanDome releases a new teaser! This year has been especially sad for the pop culture fan geek. We were supposed to be at the tail end of con season right now, but instead, we’ve

James Gunn Confirms The Suicide Squad Has Zero Interference From The Studio, First Look Hits During FanDome

The Suicide Squad looks to be in good hands -- look out for its FanDome first look! It’s pretty bad when we need confirmation that a studio didn’t horn its way into a production. Warner

Umbrella Academy Season 2 SPOILER Review – Phenomenal Fun

This may be an Umbrella Academy Season 2 SPOILER review. However for anyone who clicked and is now in a panic, worry not. Here is a quick paragraph of what I thought of Season 2

Rhythm Of War Has Completely Finished Its Copyediting Process: Now We Await The U.S. Cover

Rhythm of War is completely done, and now we await the cover. Yeah, I know. Many of you have likely been indulging in the two chapters of author Brandon Sanderson has been releasing a week.

Blood On The Wall Documentary Trailer for NatGeo

[caption id="attachment_162394" align="alignnone" width="800"] Blood On The Wall Documentary[/caption] Blood On The Wall documentary details the crisis south of the border. For decades, millions of undocumented fled their countries for better and safer opportunities in

Mike Hatton on Bringing the Comedy to Action Film Paydirt [Exclusive Interview]

[caption id="attachment_162387" align="alignnone" width="600"] Mike Hatton in Paydirt[/caption] Mike Hatton is a natural comedian. In most movies, he tries to bring in a comedic flavor into the project with his characters. With action film Paydirt