The Dirty South | Matthew Yerby on Directing a Southern Small Town Thriller

SAG-AFTRA has approved an interim agreement for The Dirty South since the film is being released by Cineverse, an independent, non-AMPTP affiliated distributor. Under the terms, members “may work on these productions without being in violation of

Focus Features Holiday Gift Guide

With holidays around the corner, many of the entertainment and video game studios will have holiday sales on products associated with their intellectual property. On the indie front, Focus Features has plenty of products in

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters | Matt Shakman on the Human Story in the Godzilla Universe

Although Godzilla and the Titans have taken over the world, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters is a race for humans to prevent the next catastrophe that can destroy civilizations. The ten-episode series is based on Legendary’s

Inspector Sun | Fernando Velásquez on the Music of the Animated Film

In the animated detective mystery film Inspector Sun, a whimsical spider needs to solve a murder on an airplane before it lands. The fun comedic film has plenty of action, mystery, and intrigue, with many

Endgame Writers Consulting With Marvel And Wonder Man May Be Dead | Barside Buzz

Our latest Barside Buzz coverage looks at a claim that Endgame writers Markus and McFeely are consulting with Marvel, plus a rumor that Wonder Man may be dead. This all comes from the latest edition

Limited Edition SPY x FAMILY Part 2 Coming To Blu-Ray/DVD From Crunchyroll

Limited Edition SPY x FAMILY Part 2, Revenger, & More Coming To BRD/DVD From Crunchyroll If you know anything about me, you know I am a huge supporter for physical media. I am not alone

Marvel Still Committed To Kang – Doom Won’t Replace Villain – Vision Quest To Film In 2024 | Barside Buzz

According to the latest Barside Buzz Marvel are still committed to Kang and Doom won't replace the villain, plus Vision Quest will film in 2024. The information comes from Daniel RPK on his Patreon. To

Marvel Talked To Mads Mikkelsen For Doctor Doom | Barside Buzz

The latest Fantastic Four Barside Buzz is that Marvel talked to Mads Mikkelsen about the Doctor Doom role. The information comes from John Campea on his new show, but be wary. Campea is not saying

Steven Yeun IS Playing Sentry In Thunderbolts According To Robert Kirkman

According to comic book legend Robert Kirkman, Steven Yeun IS playing Sentry in Thunderbolts! Yeun has long been known to be involved with the movie. However, the rumor mill began to suggest he was playing