Details On The New Comic Book Publisher BAD IDEA And Their Bold Distribution Strategy

Yesterday we the new comic book publisher Bad Idea teased us with a big announcement that took place today. In that piece I went a little into depth regarding who the players that are behind

Drew Mylrea Interview: Spy Intervention [Exclusive]

[caption id="attachment_155375" align="alignnone" width="1277"] Drew Van Acker in Spy Intervention (Screen Capture from Official Trailer)[/caption] Drew Mylrea successfully mocked the spy genre with Spy Intervention. Over the decades, there is countless over-the-top spy versus spy

Elementary School Fined For Showing The Lion King At Fundraiser, Bob Iger Apologizes Says He Will Donate To School

Emerson Elementary School, which is located in Berkeley, California recently found themselves on the wrong side of the House of Mouse. The school screened last year's remake of The Lion King during a PTA fundraiser.

Star Wars – Disney’s Galactic Starcruiser Hotel Looks To Provide Another Incredibly Immersive Experience As far as Star Wars, Disney's efforts on the big and little screens are hit and miss with me, but another aspect of the franchise, the park attractions, I think Disney is absolutely on

Fed Up With Pokémon? This Kickstarter Game Kindred Fates May Be For You

Ever heard of Kindred Fates? Well, let me spin you a yarn. I’m about as old of a Pokémon fan as they get. Like many ‘90s kids, I was raised on a steady diet of Pokémon

Stanley Tucci To Host Upcoming Culinary Doc Series On CNN And I Want It Aired Yesterday

Stanley Tucci is a thespian treasure. Uniquely talented, Tucci's career began back in 1985. Since then, he has built a diverse resume of roles that include multiple genres—both on film and on stage. From light-hearted

Uppity: The Willy T. Ribbs Story Documentary Red Carpet Interviews

[caption id="attachment_155365" align="alignnone" width="2001"] A photo of race car driver Willy T. Ribbs (Courtesy of Willy T. Ribb's official Facebook page)[/caption] Willy T. Ribbs is a legendary pioneer for African-Americans in the race car industry.

Half Of U.S. Consumers Think Disney+ Is As Good As Than Netflix, Proving Comfort Is King

For those marred by cynicism, I have something more to help fuel the embittered feelings inside you. Disney+ has been released for a few months, and its success has proven the power of nostalgia. While

Why The Mandalorian Is The Most ‘Star Wars’ Star Wars Project Since Revenge Of The Sith

Yeah, I know. I felt gross typing out that title, but I swear it’s true (insert obligatory “from a certain point of view” joke). Just to get this out of the way, when I say

Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Post-Mortem And Viewing Order | Last Call Podcast Welcome back to the Last Call Podcast where we’ve been covering all of the Star Wars films in chronological order. Kyle and Cam finish up their series with a sort of post-mortem on the