Arrow To End With A Shortened Season 8

The flagship series for the small-screen DC universe that airs on the CW network will be coming to an end. Arrow, the Stephen Amell led adaptation of Green Arrow will be winding down during it's

Idris Elba Reportedly in Talks To Replace Will Smith As Deadshot In Suicide Squad

  We recently learned that Will Smith is out as Deadshot in the upcoming Suicide Squad film that is to be brought to us by James Gunn. Smith had to bow out due to scheduling

Star Trek: Has The Title For The Picard Series Just Been Revealed?

CBS All Access has been fast-tracking a lot of Star Trek content as of late. Of course, the flagship series on the platform is Star Trek: Discovery, but in addition that, the network announced the

Brightburn: Trailer From James Gunn’s Latest Shows Superman-Esque Story Gone Wrong Do you know what happens when the alien savior turns about to just be a nightmare from the stars? A trailer has just been released for the James Gunn-produced flick, Brightburn, which tells a kind

Captain Marvel: Turns Out Samuel L. Jackson Was Trolling Fans With Spoiler

Remember when we all got a bit excited because Samuel L. Jackson claimed that Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel had the ability to travel in time? I do, I wrote about it on here and

Brian K. Vaughan To Pen Live-Action Gundam Adaptation

Even if you're not a fan of anime, chances are you're at least vaguely aware of the mech genre in the medium. When a lot of people think of anime, chances are giant robots are

NOS4A2 Teaser: ‘Something Bad Is Coming’ We live in a world of many Stephen King-esque tales making it to the big screen. But, of course, he's not the only talented scribe out there writing eerie tales of character-driven suspense. It's

New Poster Hits For Robert Rodriguez’s New $7,000 Film Red 11

If you've ever been into the independent film scene at any point, chances are you're at least vaguely aware of Robert Rodriguez. The man is famous for making a film for the low, low price

Jay And Silent Bob Reboot To Have Stan Lee Tribute On Brodie’s Shirt Kevin Smith's movies have always been packed with homages to pop culture. Back in the days of Clerks, he was making jokes about Star Wars, and the world of Mallrats has tons of comics

Maleficent 2 Gets New Poster, Title, And 2019 Release Date

Oh, Maleficent. I remember before that movie came out. I'd managed to snag a copy of the script back around 2012 or so, and while I generally love everything Disney, it was hard not to