Check Out The International Trailer For Morbius

While news surrounding the casting of Alfred Molina in the upcoming Spider-Man 3 (with other rumors about the film becoming stronger). The part of the Spidey family that Marvel doesn't is also mapping out a

Temura Morrison Talks The Initial Meeting For His Return

It's safe to assume that when Temura Morrison finished shooting Attack of the Clones, he thought his time in a galaxy far, far away was over. And why wouldn't he, back then Star Wars films

Alfred Molina’s Version of Doc Ock Is The Best Villain From The Spider-verse

News of Alfred Molina returning as Doctor Octopus would have been impossible to believe any other year.  But since this is 2020 it makes absolute sense.  Rumblings of Molina reprising the role of Doc Ock

Cobra Kai: Check Out These Photos From Season 3

With all the excitement surrounding The Mandalorian, it's easy to forget that other television shows do exist. Good ones, such as Cobra Kai. The continuation of the Karate Kid franchise will see its third season

Major MCU And Star Wars News Expected On Investor Day Call And LRM Will Live Stream The Event!

Disney's Investor Day Call Everyone is thirsty for big news from the House of Mouse when it comes to three things: The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars, and Disney+. What is coming out and when,

Legendary Pictures To Sue WB Over HBO Max?

When Warner Bros. made the announcement that they would be releasing WW84 in theaters and on HBO Max, many fans were excited regarding the options. Those within the film industry are divisive at best. Last

Flag Smashers Promo Art For Falcon And The Winter Soldier

Today we share some Flag Smashers promo art for Falcon and The Winter Soldier. If you are wondering who or what Flag Smashers is let me fill you in. There was rumors and little leaks

Morrison Says Fett’s Return Will Depend On Reaction

Temuera Morrison says Fett's return will depend on reaction of fans. As far as LRM were led to believe, there was serious plans to have a Boba Fett spin-off show. However, we have also heard

WB Versus Disney: The Future Of The Film Industry Could Be At Stake | LRMornings

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Has Boba Fett Changed In The Mandalorian? Morrison Answers

Boba Fett made his real comeback to the Star Wars Universe in The Mandalorian last Friday. The question is, has Boba Fett changed in The Mandalorian from the Bounty Hunter we last saw canonically in